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Five Smart Ways To Unlock Your Business Using Instagram Stories

Businesses are going crazy for enchanting Instagram stories because they understand the importance of being in control of their clients. Understand you've got phenomenal resources to scale your business quickly, but the best part is striking the optimum deal online with lightninglikes to boost your Instagram community. All you need to do is spend as little as $8to acquire followers on Instagramand instantly gain 500 followers.

Announcements: Use Instagram Stories to share your company announcements such as the introduction of a new staff member, blog post, or fresh products. Showing rather than telling is a fundamental rule in storytelling. Why? When you display an item within a story, it has a notable impact on the audience than talking about it. You can show followers your range of kitchen products, and they vote for them.


It is exciting for brands and influencers to collaborate using Instagram stories. It sparks new ideas for a business. A brand can approach an authentic influencer with a great idea. Choose something beneficial to both parties, but above all, valuable to viewers. An online store, for example, can collaborate with a well-known influencer to promote exclusive product collections. It can result in a super-engaging campaign that does not blow the budget. The benefits of collaborations are endless subject to who you partner with to produce enchanting Instagram stories.

Polls: Brands usually leverage polling to receive feedback on products and understand what the audience wants. It is a great way to interact with followers. You can create a fun but dynamic content that contributes to a business strategy. What's more, the content needs to align with brand identity. Buzzfeed media giant is famous for its quizzes. Vanity Fair prepared its audiences for Meghan and Harry’s wedding through Instagram polls.

Questions: Hosting Q&A sessions keeps the audience engaged through Instagram stories. An influencer can ask the listeners what they want. Amid the conversation, an influencer quietly mentions your brand. It is a non-promotional method of getting the attention of your target users,

Story templates: Templates are a growing trend on Instagram because they have a cohesive format and style that compliments the brand's aesthetics. The brand will employ similar colors and fonts in designing their Instagram stories. It is a chance to introduce your brand to the community, particularly when the templates match the aesthetics of the profile page of the business.

In summary, Instagram stories can be fun. The tales can help a business reach a wider audience, boost your brand awareness, and improve revenue. In some instances, you can partner with influencers to host a social media takeover, cover an event, or showcase a product. There is no better opportunity at LightningLikes to inject growth trajectory into your social media efforts.